With more than 100 years of experience Eurolac is a reliable choice.

Eurolac was founded as a trading company for milk replacers. Milk replacers were always the main focus for Eurolac. Currently, Eurolac is part of the Fuite Group. Together with the companies in the Fuite Group, it is easier to do business. With an own drying facility and a complete feed mill.

Eurolac Feed Products B.V. specializes in producing dairy products and other ingredients for young farm animals. Together with the group, we have more than 100 years’ experience in the sector, and pride ourselves on our continuous product development. We develop our products in response to market requirement and scientific research, and have earned an international reputation for high-quality.

As well as a comprehensive range of products and brands to choose from in our portfolio, we can also produce according to your own product specifications and label.

We offer expert solutions for problem-free and profitable rearing.