An important part of the food chain Eurolac products meet the highest of quality standards. Our internal and external control procedures go beyond legal requirements. Eurolac is a GMP+ certified company, which means that we continuously monitor the quality of raw materials in our production process and in our end products. We consider ourselves to […]

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Production facility  guarantees flexibility Eurolac milk replacers and dairy-based feed ingredients are produced with cutting-edge technology. It enables us to safeguard quality, and secures a hygienic production process. Moreover, it guarantees flexibility and predictability of our products. Accurate mixing and dosing equipment in the factory guarantees that we can meet product specifications accurately – every […]

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Experience and animal performance are what matters Our product development and R&D take a pragmatic approach.  All our concepts are designed on the basis of scientific research and market developments, and then fine-tuned on farms. The farmer’s application experience, in combination with animal performance, form the backbone of our R&D and product development. Thanks to […]

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