Rearing calves

As the result of lengthy and intensive research coupled with feedback from our customers, Eurolac has developed a well-balanced range of milk replacers based on either skimmed milk or whey.

Milk replacers 

By using food-grade milk products, refined vegetable oils and fats, in addition to selected premixes, vitamins and additives, we aim for the best growth performance. Our products are perfectly suitable for manual as well as automatic feeding systems as they are free-flowing and highly soluble.

Milk replacer ingredients

We design tailor-made supplements which can be used to supplement locally available raw materials such as whey, skimmed milk and fats. This balanced combination with our supplements enables our customers to produce  (liquid) calf milk locally.

Complete feeds and muesli

To facilitate the smooth transition from milk to roughage, we offer a high-quality portfolio of calf starter feeds to complement  locally available feeds. The calf muesli we produce uses easily digestible and highly palatable ingredients.